Thank you to everyone that came out on Sunday for Mighty Neighborly’s Justice for All event to support the UNC Center for Civil Rights. The sun was shining for community advocacy and we couldn’t have hoped for a better spring day.

Important messages from our state representatives and civil rights activists highlighted the support and advocacy our marginalized communities need from us. Senator Floyd McKissick, Senator Angela Bryant, Gene Nicol, Representative Graig Meyer, Naeema Muhammad, Elizabeth Haddix, and Mark Dorosin shared their stories and hope for North Carolina.

Mighty Neighborly’s line up of local musicians showcased the wonderful artistic variety found in the state. From singer-songwriter Elizabeth Haddix and the Gurley Flynn’s to indie-rock I Was Totally Destroying it, we had a full day of inspiring talent sharing the stage. It was a first for some audience members to hear the acts, of which they developed an instant love for the style, lyrics, and movement.

Thank you to each and every one of the artists, their road crew, and their fans that turned out to benefit the UNC Center for Civil Rights: Keny Roby, I Was Totally Destroying It, shirlette ammons, The Backsliders, Elizabeth Haddix and the Gurley Flynns, Pre-Raphaelites, Happy Abandon, Laurelyn Dossett, Molly McGinn, and Alice Gerrard.

Thank you Dawn, Brian, RJ, Jacob, Samantha, Woody, Jess, and Mark of Mighty Neighborly. Thanks to 3 Bossy Bees for the social media coverage. Thanks to Queer Fish Youth Center. Thanks to Haw River Ballroom for hosting us and this momentous event! Let us always remember the good work we did and the good work we can do today and tomorrow.